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Small Farm Leadership

This is the quintessential leadership resource for small farms, market gardeners, and homesteaders. Farm business literature is full of antiquated management techniques, operations, and “look at me tell-alls.”


This book is different. It is about developing personal leadership, which is why it is recognized as the first authentic leadership book written specifically for small farmers, urban gardens, and homesteaders. Farms are the pursuit of a noble ideal based on purpose, passion, and pride. These three Ps are something all visionary, authentic, and inspirational leaders have in common. These three Ps are going to bring small farms back from the brink of extinction, not the current management approach and industry practices that are decimating small farms.


Jason McClure teaches what it takes to be a small farm leader. He uses an inside out approach to leadership by focusing on the unique needs of small farms, market gardeners, and rural America. He believes building a great business, no matter the size, requires people. People organize, plan, and execute the work. People also make up the organization that turns a small farm into a small business.


All farm management books, until now, neglect the people process. This resource offers a focus on people, organizational, and small-farm culture development. The stuff considered fluff by failing farmers, but the thing considered essential by visionary leaders and industry mavericks. Small Farm Leadership is better than “people management” books that focus on strategies, tactics, and manipulation methods. This is because it focuses on how to create visionary leaders who inspire and motivate people. Finally, Small Leadership is about the reader, their dreams, desires, and destination.


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Small Farm Leadership

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